An integrated solution without borders.

An integrated solution without borders.

Financial Services
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DUCA’s origins are steeped in Dutch traditions. Many of its Members originate from that region, or have close family ties. To generate sales and awareness for its foreign currency account, which pays homage to this history, we were charged with devising a unique integrated program that would shine a light on this equally innovative financial product.


DUCA’s European-based heritage served as the foundation for our “Go Euro” program, which focused upon the Go Euro Account—a convenient deposit product ideal for those who travel oversees on a regular basis. Based on the product and the specific Members we wanted to reach, we included imagery, language and music with a decidedly European beat. Like many of the campaigns we develop for DUCA, we enlisted both digital and traditional channels.

For the latter, we surmised a strong in-branch presence was required. To help us accomplish that, we created oversized stands with images synonymous with Europe. The stand included takeaways that Member’s filled out and inserted within the display to enter themselves into a contest that rewarded them with free deposits and a chance to win the grand prize of a European getaway.

Digital components included a landing page on, some supporting carousel imagery located on the homepage, and finally, an online video that highlighted the product’s key features and benefits.