Capturing the excitement of fishing in Northwest Ontario

Capturing the excitement of fishing in Northwest Ontario

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Sunset Country, a partnership program through OTMPC, tasked us with creating excitement for fishing in Northwest Ontario; highlighting the range of trophy species that are available to catch. Not only did we aim to position Northwest Ontario as a close, safe and easily accessible drive for anglers from the borderline U.S. states through a digital campaign, but we also encouraged the use of to find out more information on accommodation partners  / angling vacations.


With a limited timeframe in the market, we created a dramatic, high-energy concept that best exemplifies what it feels like to fish in Northwest Ontario. Our focus was on giving the viewer a very good sense of the process of catching the most sought after species, as opposed to telling a more complete story relating to imagery and footage such as cooking fish on the shoreline, packing gear, etc. And…ACTION is intended to have a dual meaning. The first, a characteristic of rod flexibility and lure movement when retrieved. The second, conveying the world-class angling experience our demographic can expect to experience when combing the waters of Northwest Ontario.