Creating a premium online experience

Creating a premium online experience

Mobile, Website Design

Raffles Hotels & Resorts Website and Mobile site –

Raffles booking conversions on its mobile site skyrocketed by 145%, a far cry from its 25% goal.


First and foremost, Raffles set out to improve the usability and overall experience for its valued desktop, tablet and mobile markets. The hospitality leader also wanted to refresh the web experience for guests, while improving usability and content organization of the website that would be replicated on the mobile site. Finally, increased access to imagery and making the site more experiential, along with enhancing the booking process by offering the ability to add amenities to a room reservation were a must.


The Internet experience is a window into the luxurious Raffles Hotels and Resorts brand. The website had to reinforce the organization’s sales and marketing strategy, as well as continue drawing larger audiences. The project was initiated to improve usability on tablet and mobile devices, increase guest engagement and ultimately, conversion rates on the site in addition to offering an exceptional brand experience with wider access to photography, videos and virtual tours. Thus, the revamped site was designed to adapt to the changing technology landscape of Raffles’ affluent guests, the rapid adoption of mobile, and tablet devices accessing the Raffles website. Interactive maps and directions to keep the guest on the site while planning and additional functionality to “Enhance your stay” offered during booking process was also included.


Raffles goal was to achieve a 5% conversion rate increase for its tablet market, which was met in the first few months following the launch. Bounce rates decreased by 12% with time on the site increasing by 22%. Results for the Raffles mobile site, meanwhile, set out to achieve a 25% booking conversion increase, which was far exceeded as it realized a 145% increase, and time spent on the site rose by a considerable 71%.