Now, opening a bank account online is a SNAPP!

Now, opening a bank account online is a SNAPP!

Financial Services
Strategy & Branding, Web Development


Technology is impacting the financial industry like never before. The new generation of banking consumers demand a more convenient and accessible means in which to conduct their day-to-day banking. More banking is going online and mobile, which obviously necessitates the need for an effective digital solution. Onboarding is no longer tied to bricks and mortar, and in many cases technology is an enabler to not only ensure a better banking experience, but also tighter risk and regulatory controls. SNAPP provides a simple, intuitive online portal for people to apply for Membership at DUCA. This tool allows prospective Members to electronically submit their Member cheque without ever having to visit a branch. SNAPP currently grants new and existing Members the option to apply for multiple products as well, including Chequing Accounts, Savings Accounts, RRSP, TFSAs, Loans, Lines of Credit and Mortgages.


Instead of launching SNAPP with a traditional campaign, we got the word out by featuring messages in DUCA product campaigns, including the Earn More Savings Account campaign, the Moregage campaign, and the TFSA campaign. These all included CTAs that noted: Now, you can apply online! The invitation to apply for the product in this manner allowed Members and prospective Members alike to explore DUCA’s digital environment, where they were exposed to the credit union’s multitude of financial products and services.