Fleet Complete took a step back to evaluate whether their branding was inline.

Fleet Complete took a step back to evaluate whether their branding was inline.

Strategy & Branding


Fleet Complete's customers immediately see the benefits of their business solutions, so why didn’t the team culture and ‘find a better way of doing things’ attitude transfer to branding? Here's where Matt, the Mobile Asset Tracking Technician, came in. 


Matt personifies the spirit of FC, and spreads his helpful nature in many ways across various media. Character-driven marketing allowed this progressive B2B company to personify and connect with customers on a deeper level.

With offices operating in multiple countries and languages, and a mobile sales force constantly on the go, Fleet Complete needed a strong, all encompassing set of brand guidelines, to ensure total control of brand messaging and positioning across its expansive network. 


Although the FC customer base is a mix of early adopters and tech laggards, its dynamic sales team and culture of innovation warranted a mobile and tablet experience with usability at its core. 

Meeting with key stakeholders across sales, marketing, and operations, the must-have deliverables were decided on from a company perspective. With combined research into the fleet tracking industry, and CRM insights from FC's own data, we were able to push user experience elements through animation and interaction in the areas where customers needed to be engaged most.

From a framework and staging to a live, bilingual desktop, mobile, and tablet experience, the design and development process was collaborative leading to a product both Fleet Complete and its partners can be proud to show off.