Showcasing Fairmont’s unique experiences helped increase bookings across the board. 

Showcasing Fairmont’s unique experiences helped increase bookings across the board. 

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A seasonally driven, global marketing campaign, Everyone’s an Original (EAO) demanded unique and personalized experiences amongst Fairmont’s luxury travel segments to drive campaign performance. Inspiration, stories and photography were used from, Fairmont’s online social community platform. The campaign objectives were to personalize the program through use of segmentation and campaign creative, increase Fairmont President’s Club engagement, drive room nights and finally, make the campaign relevant on a regional basis.


Through the Everyone’s an Original photo contest and, guests were asked to submit photos of their getaways and tell the story of what made their stay “an original.” We invited them to share any experience, from milestones they celebrated to exotic experiences or simply a fun moment spent with family. The idea was to leverage this trove of stories and photos, making them the driving force behind the campaign in combination with great offer of up to 25% off.

The campaign was delivered in six phases that targeted key feeder markets. Each phase featured four real guest stories, representing four geographic regions to reach our goal of making the campaign regionally relevant. The first phase was exclusively for Fairmont President Club members, and focused on increasing their engagement numbers. Customer insights and marketing analytics were used to determine the target profiles, timing of deployments and craft the media strategy.

The guest images and stories became the focal point of the creative, which was designed to be responsive for easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices. Emails, banners, and landing pages featured stunning imagery taken by guests, and accompanied by brief stories describing the “original” moment inspired by the guest’s own words. For example, a picture of a wedding party in Hawaii might be accompanied by: “We just had our dream wedding in Hawaii. The bridesmaids all wore grass skirts.”

Our goal was to highlight what made each moment memorable, and to invite new Fairmont guests to make their own memories with up to 25% off their Fairmont adventure.


To gain Fairmont guests’ attention, we delivered what they wanted by offering how past guests had turned their special moments into lasting memories. The audience was motivated more by the unique experiences offered by Fairmont, rather than price points. 

This proved to be a highly effective tactic as overall room bookings increased by 22.6%, room nights increased by 32.4% and bookings by Fairmont President’s Club members increased 10.8%.