It’s all good!

It’s all good!

Financial Services
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DUCA is always looking for ways to differentiate itself from competing financial institutions. Not only with its product and service offerings, but also in how they can help surrounding and global communities. To make sure the credit union helps as many people as possible it created DUgood, an initiative composed of several innovative programs that are focused on helping those in need. We were tasked with getting the word out, as well as attaching a GIC product, which also had social responsibility ties.


To promote this initiative, Lucidia came up with the concept of Robin Good, a play on the historical Robin Hood character. Through the use of this character, a 60-second ad was created to explain the DUgood program and how it worked, naming anyone who joined the DUgood program a DUgooder. In tandem with this memorable character, we introduced the Better World GIC, which allowed Members to invest in companies that contribute to the protection of the environment. In doing so, we created brand awareness around the DUCA name as well as letting people know that they were a financial institution that invested in not only the growth of their Members, but also in the growth of its communities in a manner that is quite different from any other financial institution.