Never cheer on an empty stomach

Never cheer on an empty stomach

Food & Beverage
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MarcAngelo makes busy families' lives easier by providing them with quick and easy meal solutions. And that’s just what the company has accomplished with its delicious and easy-to-prepare sausages, kabobs, steaks, roasts, burgers and its new lineup of deli meats. The company has, for the most part, focused its marketing efforts on digital communications. And while MarcAngelo has been successful in its efforts, the company decided it was time to investigate ways in which to begin building mass awareness for its brand.


With limited time and budgets, how do you gain mass awareness for a beloved Canadian brand? It was quickly decided that a partnership with the Air Canada Centre, along with its stalwart residents the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors, was the way to go. This campaign included a variety of channels to be featured in the ACC, as well as around the city—in-stadium concession signage, digital signage, endzone LEDs, along with out-of-home digital billboards and radio spots. The positioning for the program has MarcAngelo as the “Official Sausage” of the ACC, with the sports-themed radio spots driving listeners to MarcAngelo’s site.


With the program just being launched, we’ll be eagerly tracking the response of this unique program and sharing them as soon as they become available.