Redeveloping a brand that truly delivers "more"

Redeveloping a brand that truly delivers "more"

Financial Services
Print Collateral, Strategy & Branding, Website Design


Reimagine DUCA’s 60-year old brand so that it reflects the modern, innovative and full-service financial provider DUCA has become.


While DUCA evolved its product and service offerings to keep up with the industry it serves, the credit union wanted to revitalize its image to better represent its core values and approach to business. To start this process, we established what DUCA’s brand essence was; that single word that describes the benefits it offers to both current and prospective Members. That word is “more”.

“More” is the tent pole for all of DUCA’s marking communications and is best expressed in its new tagline: “Bank on more.”

In order to achieve the most effective (and smoothest) brand evolution, we decided to pay homage to where DUCA has been, while introducing new ideas, both visually and editorially. We created synergy between the past and the future by maintaining the tried and true DUCA logo, its corporate colours and Member-focused brand character, while blending them with new sepia-toned images for a dramatic look. We continued this amalgamation by revising DUCA’s tone, so that it became more conversational and accessible. 

To help differentiate the products and services offered by DUCA, we implemented a colour-coded scheme for retail, commercial, CSR and other business offerings in both online and traditional communications. To ensure that the DUCA teammates lived their new brand, we developed a highly detailed brand guide, which outlines all of the new aspects of the brand. Our tactics of upholding DUCA’s past and commingling it with modern brand practices has allowed DUCA to maintain its strong sense of heritage, while also evolving into a more contemporary brand that speaks to a broader and “more” youthful audience.


Since the introduction of the reimagined brand, visitors to via desktop increased from just below 155,000 during the months of September – December 2012 to nearly 220,000 during the same time period in 2013. Unique visitors also showed a marked improvement with numbers increasing from 49,000 to 71,000 from 2012 – 2013. Page views increased significantly during this period as well, jumping from 260,000 in 2012 to nearly 360,000 in 2013. All of this increase in traffic via desktop users came with a significant increase of new visits, which rose from 26.71% in 2012 to 28.67% in 2013.

Where showed the greatest amount of success, though, was on the mobile and tablet platforms. From September – December 2012, mobile visits totaled 12,904, which increased to 27,282 in 2013. This resulted in a 26.87% increase in new visits. DUCA’s digitized success story continued with visits from tablets, increasing from 5,517 in 2012 (from September – December) to 20,374 visits in 2013 during the same months.

Through these enhancements, DUCA's website was ranked #23 on the Financial Brand's 30 Gorgeous (and Simple) Banking Websites and  is now experiencing record Membership growth during the months of January and February 2014 (YTD results). Overall, the credit union is welcoming approximately 400 new Members every month, a record for DUCA.