Skiiing is believing

Skiiing is believing

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The main objective for this campaign was to help Fairmont increase the average length of its guests’ stays to three nights. To achieve this goal, it was decided that a focus on marketing specific ski experiences offered at all Fairmont’s ski properties was required.


The demographic was very broad, consisting of individuals 30-50 years of age, males and females residing all across the globe. To reach such an expansive audience, we focused primarily on creating an experiential microsite to house all package information, and showcase remarkable photography.

A combination of media was employed to generate interest and drive traffic to the campaign microsite, including: a series of emails, direct mail, on property elevator posters and social media, and leveraging Facebook and Twitter channels.  All the digital elements were designed to be responsive for optimal viewing across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

The primary focus was highlighting the world-class ski experiences offered by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Through analysis of previous years results, we discovered that guests were spending approximately three times their room rate on ancillary activities. Our secondary focus was to offer some of those activities in the campaign.

We achieved this by creating three ski packages that catered towards three key market segments as identified by past campaign analysis. One focused on Guests just interested in skiing, one offer focused on a combination of ski and spa services, and one that catered to family ski. In addition to these three packages, many properties created their own authentically local ski packages that focused specifically on the niche market they compete within.


The program was a great success—email delivered a 31.4% open rate and a 16.6% click-though rate. The average length of stays, meanwhile, increased to three room nights which represented a 15% from the previous year.