The road leading to success.

The road leading to success.


Ontario has everything that a touring vacationer wants. Whether it’s an unforgettable road trip on two or four wheels, a muddy or snowy off-road trail, or cutting through glassy waters; we wanted to prove that Ontario has it all and more, making Northern Ontario the number one destination for anyone who loved the outdoors and putting rubber to asphalt, snow or dirt.


In order to reinforce why Northern Ontario is indeed a first choice tourist destination, Lucidia devised the concept of “Just Picture It,” which capitalizes on the emotional component of a rider’s experience. By focusing on these moments, or stops along the way, we created a remembrance story along with the ability to allow others to picture themselves in that situation. 

In order to achieve this, we executed a digital campaign that ranged from standard flash banners to interaction over social networks such as Casale and Facebook. The digital campaign was supported by print in seven key domestic publications that spoke to our target market as well as three American magazines; which would let our neighbours to the south know about what Northern Ontario has to offer to those looking for adventure and the open road; with the final component being a TV campaign on SnowTrax TV. 


The targeted and integrated “Just Picture It” campaign increased awareness in Canada and the U.S., a market that originally wasn’t keen on cross boarder travelling.