Uncommon creative strategy

Uncommon creative strategy

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Dawson & Keenan Insurance Strategy & Awareness Campaign 2013

Once we got involved and the campaign was launched, website sessions went up 80% compared to the prior year.


We were asked to develop a strategy to increase top-line growth for Dawson & Keenan Insurance, which served an industry that’s predominantly driven by price and national firms with high advertising spends.


Knowing our client’s key strength of providing a unique level of customer service, we built a creative platform that capitalized on the strength of Dawson & Keenan, which just happens to be the weakness of many of its competitors (service is typically a four-letter word with the other guys).

Leveraging past creative that showcased apples and oranges to communicate how Dawson & Keenan is beyond compare, we took it to the next level in 2013 with a platform that played off the idea of “uncommon” to reinforce this notion of being different.


Awareness was gained through various media channels, including a YouTube True View video, a series of newspaper ads (in conjunction with a sponsorship promotion), as well as radio. The YouTube video alone netted 45,000 views and 3,400 click throughs to Dawson & Keenan’s site. Overall, website sessions went up 80% compared to the prior year.