Yes we Can... exceed our Client's Objectives!

Yes we Can... exceed our Client's Objectives!

Financial Services
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Community First Credit Union Student Summer Program 2013

Community First achieved a 157% growth in actual dollars spent with their Student Packages.


To increase the number of new student packages being opened in advance of the university/college year in September.  The secondary objective was to firmly position Community First as a credit union that looks after its members beyond their first three or four years of post-secondary studies.


After sitting back and thinking it through, we decided our best course of action was creating a strong in-branch presence. This included program branded floor decals, digital displays, ATM screens, web banners, radio, and an in-depth POS/handout that included all the details on the ‘Yes U Can’ product bundle.

Creatively, the ‘Yes U Can’ varsity jacket featured the Community First green and orange corporate colours to ensure brand integrity. From an editorial standpoint, the ‘Yes U Can’ headline inspired a sense of confidence that these financial products allow students to concentrate on their studies, as opposed to worrying about how they’ll afford their ongoing education.


We exceeded our objective. Hooray! Community First achieved a 76% growth in the number of new Education Lines of Credit, and 157% growth in actual dollar amount (2013, 2012).